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Friday, November 09, 2012
Long Path To VK6 Whilst Mobile

Earlier today on my journey to work I found time to scan through the 20M band on my mobile Ham Station where I heard signals coming in well from both Japan and Australia.
As usual my trusty FT-100 rig which is still going strong in its 7th year of mobile operation was doing a great job for me. I put just one call back to VK6ANC where I was heard and managed to get a 5/7 signal report via the long path. I was hearing VK6ANC from Perth loud with his excellent station (seen in previous post). His signal was up at a 5/9+10dB in strength at a total distance of  around 15512 miles away from my mobile Toyota FT-100/MALDOL HFC-20 combo.

I plan to strip the mono band Maldol antenna and mount over the weekend so I can clean everything up. I am thinking of renewing the grounding strap. The road dirt and grime combined with Yorkshire WX can clog things up and corrode connections. I like to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the continued excellent performance of the little YAESU FT-100 and MALDOL Mono band antenna continues.  I always enjoy operating the winter propagation a lot and I am active as 2E0HTS/M from around 08.00 - 08.30 utc most mornings during the week, I hope to work some more of you soon!  In the meantime I am now sat comfortable back in the shack and about to check in on the bands. 73 have a great weekend!.

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