Back To The Hill Top Retreat!

I have been enjoying my Easter break with the family and getting about as well as playing radio in between. Finally the sun has been visible throughout the weekend which was all that was required to enthuse us all to venture up to our moor top holiday home. When we got there the snow drifts were still hanging around despite the pleasant temperature of 8 C. Dudley our dog enjoyed sniffing out the many rabbits to be found as we walked around the moor top retreat.

 Inside the shack (B) the amateur radio gear was thankfully still working very well. I dusted back the sheets and I enjoyed playing radio on my good old FT-767 HF transceiver & delta loop antenna. My little FT-2600M & the rest of the VHF kit that I have set-up was also still good including the home brew IO-10 Sat beam and rotator. I worked some nice stations on 17m, 15m and 12m throughout the afternoon and had a good time hanging out with my lovely family with some juice, hot drinks and chocolate biscuits.

Hope to catch some of you soon either from home, shack-B or possibly mobile.Have fun on the bands, G L happy DX & 73 


PE4BAS, Bas said…
You have a great shack there up the hill. I'm jealous ;-) The little girl is growing up fast. Our girl is already calling CQ in the mike. I don't let the TX really transmit though, but it looks funny! 73, Bas

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