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Sunday, April 20, 2014
HAM RADIO DX Into South Korea - HL5KY

I am pleased to be able to report that our new baby daughter is doing fantastic on her 5th day with us, the sleepless nights are not as bad as expected and she is already settling in well to the "HTS" family life. Earlier today just after lunch baby Martha was resting and Elsie her big sister decided to rearrange her farm. I could not  miss out on the opportunity and once again back in the DX seat I was with my trusty FT-1000 MKV and Cobweb antenna HF setup. Time was short so I quickly checked the bands and heard HL5KY coming in very well up on the 15 metre band. I gave a few calls over the pile up and ended up hitting the jackpot getting Joe - HL5KY operating out of South Korea which is a brand new country for me and my winlog32 ham radio log. Cool! Another great result including some interesting and very local qrm in the shack created by Elsie. My YL Louise caught the QSO on video, I apologise for the noise from the toy farm during the video and for any difficulties encountered whilst listening to the video but thats the way it goes when you have a very happy family!  It just goes to show that even the busiest Mums and Dads can still find the time to play Ham radio in and amongst the rest of the chaos and fun. 73 Catch you on the next video soon, in the meantime thanks and 73. Have a Happy Easter!


HL5KY Shack (Remote antenna arrays) 

Video of The HAM Radio QSO Between 2E0HTS - HL5KY 

More ham radio with 2e0hts at 2e0hts-hamradio.weebly.com/

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