Wide Open on 20m Mobile.

Its been a couple of months since I drove to work in the car, I have been enjoying the good WX and making the most of being a motorcyclist riding my suzuki bandit to and from work. However this morning I was feeling a bit tired so taking the car seemed a good idea despite the lovely sunshine.

I fired up my FT-857 and was impressed with how well stations were coming in on the 20m band. I heard some big signals coming out of the USA and Europe was also loud. As I dropped down from the moor tops I came across a very strong signal belonging to XE1RK - Rafael from Mexico. I heard Rafael tell another station he was up late and had not felt like sleeping, it was 2.00 am local time in Mexico which was 8.00 am local here in Yorkshire. XE1RK - Rafael was working stations from all over the globe as I continued towards my work place which is in Keighley West Yorkshire, I continued to call back to his QRZ call. Just as I hit the main carriageway on my last leg of the journey Rafael heard my mobile call and came straight back to me, my report was an impressive 5/7 into Mexico! XE1RK congratulated me on a superb signal from my mobile as we made the QSO with my FT-857 and Maldol HFC 20 antenna.

XE1RK - Rafael had a beautiful 5/9 solid signal and after looking him up I can see why. Here is his shack seen below.

XE1RK has some very nice antennas as well.

Well thats it for now, I will more than likely be back on my motorcycle tomorrow but with such superb conditions on the bands I am looking forward to the drive back home later today. Hopefully I will get an hour later on in the twilight hours back home in the shack. 73


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hello Simon, I hope you and family are doing well. I have the same experience in the morning, 20m is wide open to central/north america. Only listening last couple of weeks. May be some activity this weekend in the IARU contest. 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Bas, thanks for the commment great to hear from you. The family are doing great hope yours are too!

The band was superb, I hope the condx continue for us all especially over the weekend when we have more time to play.

Best 73 to you and yours.
Unknown said…
Hi Simon, thank for your kind words about my station. Have a gret new year and hope to see you again.
Best regards from Mexico City

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