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Monday, December 15, 2014
Late Night Opening On 80M

During the last hour of the day just before bedtime I like to tune around the bands to see what stations I can hear coming in to my amateur radio station. The past couple of weeks most evenings have found the majority of the bands have been closed and the little bit of late night activity has been mainly on the lower bands such as 40m & 80m. On the lower bands late on I have worked and heard many US Hams coming in well up on 40 meters and I have heard one or two good ones coming in great on 80m at around midnight local time staying open throughout the night until I am back up early for work listening over breakfast.
Last night before I hit the sack I heard CU7MD at 11.50 utc on 3.790MHz who was up at 5/9 with very few takers responding to his CQ call.

I listened for while and decided to give Jose - CU7MD from Azores Islands a shout back where I was heard at his end with a matching 5/9 report. I was running my FT-1000MK V MP and Carolina Windom 80m antenna system which is only up at around 25ft above the ground. I was pleased with the Windom's performance as was I pleased with my YAESU radio which always serves me well. Later I looked Jose - CU7MD up on QRZ.com and was chuffed to find my callsign logged on Jose QRZ page in a log containing the last 10 stations to be worked by Jose
Hope to work some more late night wintery DX openings on 80m and 40m over the coming months before we head into spring. 73 Happy Ham'ing!

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