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Monday, December 01, 2014
The Return Of The FT-100

Since my YAESU FT-100 came back from the rig docs I have been itching to change it back over into my mobile station. The FT-100 had a technical issue a couple of years back which turned out to be a number of dry joints. I have had my FT-100 in service since 2004 /M and really like this particular radio, I prefer the FT-100 screen size over the FT-857 especially the signal meter which is much better on the FT-100 in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I have to say that the FT-857 is also a good mobile rig and has served me well as my spare whilst out and about in the DX Machine. But the FT-100 is my preferred radio of the two for every day mobile operation, so my FT-857 is better off back in the shack coupled to my Tri band vertical next to my other lovely YAESU Radios. In the DX Machine I have already been working stations loud and clear with the FT-100 earlier today during the work journeys on my favourite mobile band which is 20m. I will be back in the mobile and on 20m again in the morning at around 8.00 - 8.30 utc and then at around 17.00 utc homeward bound.

The weekend gave us all the opportunity to get outside in the great outdoors where I got to demonstrate my old YAESU FT-470 "handie" in action to my lovely daughters and faithful hound. We listened in to a qso on a local repeater hooked up to IRLP where two Hams from the US were coming through nicely. I should be out and about and active on the Air over the weekend again WX permitting.
It was also my lovely camera woman/YL Louise (M3TLL) birthday, so we had plenty of visitors, cake and fun.

 In the meantime the family are all sleeping and the clock is ticking, its shack time where my FT-1000MP is pulling in some nice signals from across the Atlantic up on 40m, it is time for me to have a play! 73 Happy Ham'ing
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