The light is shining bright at the end of a very long tunnel

Apologies for my absence....... It has been too long since I posted on my blog so I thought I would put you in the picture as to what has been keeping me from my beloved radio antics.

You may remember I started installing a new central heating system which ended up taking me quite a few weekends of crawling about under the floorboards with my pipe and blow torch.

After that I proceeded to rip out the original lead pipe work and then I successfully switched over to my new copper pipework system. 
I was assisted by a very beautiful pipe bender and screw passer who helped me on numerous occasions which was especially helpful when I was running out of enthusiasm! 

No holding back as I let loose on the old bathroom.

Phew! I can get a shower again and a bath. But better still I have finished!

Work has been busy, last month I sat lots of exams and carried out some welding practical examinations and became a coded welder and welding inspector. This will assist my College teaching role.

And finally it was my oldest daughter's birthday as well as my own last weekend where I got to DJ at her party which was lots of fun and believe it or not quite cool. To celebrate my own birthday I made myself a short stubby exhaust can from stainless steel for my GSXR 1000 which sounds very nice indeed. I got to test it out on a quick ride over the moor tops and enjoyed it a bit too much, all I need now is some sunshine.

Radio in the shack has been on the back burner and apart from my daily mobile operation I have been reasonably quiet. Most of my qso's have taken place on 20m early mornings and also I have been active on 2m via a local repeater GB3TP. I heard japan a few times last month and this evening I heard YB0IBM loud and clear 5/9+ from Indonesia on 20m to my mobile station - YAESU FT-857 and Maldol HFC-20 Mono band antenna. 

So the DIY is done, work are pleased I am now a coded welder and welding inspector as we plan to offer welder codings and training at the college. That must mean it is family fun time and M0YKS is once again back On The Air....Well the bands at least! Catch you soon..C Q CQ Calling CQ. 73!


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