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Monday, April 18, 2016
Playing around with my homebrew 40m Delta Loop

I moved the 40m delta loop over the weekend and managed to get it higher up in the air by an extra 5 meters. I have been checking it out across the bands and so far it seems hopeful with QSOs into the Azores on 40m as well as Iceland and I just worked Puerto Rico up on 20m.

CU2CO - Paulo, Signal Report 5/9. Band 40 meters.

TF8KY - Keli, Signal Report 5/9. Band 40 meters.

KP4DKE - Peter, Signal Report 5/7. Band 20 meters.

I will be experimenting throughout the week with the delta loop where I will check it out against the other antennas which are Hustler 6BTV, Cobwebb and Carolina Windom 80. I hope to be about in the shack this week after 20.00 utc on the HF bands so keep your ears on standby. 73,   Happy DXing!
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