Hustler 6btv

After 6 months of testing I decided to take my 40m delta loop down. The verdict was it tuned up amazing from 80m through to 10m but was no better than the Carolina Windom on performance. The biggest positive to come out was the visual impact of the fibre glass pole and delta shaped wire which has been engraved on the YL and neighbours minds so my Hustler 6btv could sneak in to the open without being noticed.
With this in mind I carried out some servicing of the Hustler, soldered up some new coaxial feed and hammered a new mounting stake.

I used a sold steel 40mm diameter bar as my ground spike and some stainless box section which slides over snug.

The job went well and the result is good with the Hustler 6btv up away from the trees. Last night the bands were quiet but I made a couple of nice qso using it. The next job will be refitting some radials. 

Catch up with you all soon. Thanks for the visit, best 73 De M0YKS Simon 


Anonymous said…
Pse have also a comparison between 6BTV & C. Windom 73
MØYKS Simon said…
Tnx for the comment I shall compare all three, 6btv, CW and Cobweb. All work well but there are times of day, band conditions etc to consider. It is good having the opportunities to use the different antennas across the bands. I'll post some more information and results soon. Best 73 De Simon M0YKS

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