Sun Sea & Ham Radio

Port William Scotland

It's been a brilliant summer break and I managed to get in lots of radio time during our summer tour of Scotland and Wales.

FT-857 mobile Maldol antenna

The MK7 Transit performed well as we enjoyed many nights under the stars and I got the opportunity to operate mobile using MW0YKS/M as well as MM0YKS/M. I also made some good VHF contacts from my holiday cabin during my visits and my home shack was on the air when I was home.

M0YKS Shack

Operating from the Cabin FT-2600m

Enjoying the view to Ireland and The Isle of man from the Mull of Galloway Scotland
Campsite crew

I made a few ham radio videos which are available via my YouTube channel which were from my shack and mobile.  I saw some amazing nature and countryside and had fun working the FT-857 mobile whilst clocking up some miles. The bands were poor but the beaches of Anglsey Wales and Galloway Scotland made up for that.

Mull of Galloway Light House

So once again it's back to work after a fun time had by all 73.


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