CQ WW DX CONTEST 2018 Round-up

This year was just as awesome as ever even though band conditions were limited I still worked lots of World Wide DX during the 2018 CQ WW SSB Contest.

I managed to get in quite a few hours here and there throughout the entire contest and spent a lot of time on 15m and 20m during the daylight hours where I worked some big signals from Asia, North and South America as well as a few slightly weaker signals such as China and Japan. I was pleased to catch three stations in a row from India with armchair copies up on 15m and all in all I did quite well with the help of my latest addition the G17B amplifier. The Cushcraft MA5B Beam worked well on 15 and 20 meters and my Hustler 6BTV vertical with radials did it for me on 40 meters but the biggest surprise was the dipole which I cut for 80 meters which was previously the windom. As a designated 80m dipole I was able to get some good signals out with the extra power (400 Watts) I worked some good DX multipliers on 80 meters into North Africa, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

I also got to work fellow Ham, Blogger and YouTuber PE4BAS as PA6AA on 80 meters towards the end of the contest which was another good copy and great QSO. ''Thanks Bas'' As usual I took a few moments to catch some of the weekend on video for those who enjoy seeing the action at my end. You can see for yourself here.

In the end I worked 247 Stations, 65 countries and 19 out of 40 world zones,which was lots and lots of fun throughout the entire weekend. My log has been uploaded to the contest site and I cant wait to do it all again next time.

The last bit made me smile a lot. My oldest daughter Elsie helped me log the CQ WW DX Zones last year and sure enough both Elsie and her younger Sister Martha were excited to help their Dad during this years CQ WW contest. This time around they made up their own version of a Zone check sheet and added a few comments which made me smile tonight when I read through it properly. I especially love the bit that says'' its really exciting ''and ''there's a lot of numbers''. Hams of the future! lol Watch Out!

Well I will say thank You to all who worked me during this years CQ WW DX Contest and finally see you in the contest next year! To my ham radio blog followers and friends, Best 73 and thanks again for dropping by ham radio Operator Blogspot. See You again soon for more madness.


PE4BAS, Bas said…
Hello Simon, a pleasure talking to you and thanks for the great video. A lot of fun in the contest. I like the zone list from your daughters especially what they wrote next to it. I can even spot a small world globe. Very creative! 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Hi Bas it sure was a great weekend. Glad you had a good time you sounded like a pro contest station. Yes the creativity is wonderful We are lucky guys to have lovely daughters that enjoy hanging out with their crazy dad's lol. All the best 73 and have a good week. SIMON M0YKS

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