Working from home

Its been quite a busy week so far as I am able to work from home using my chromebook and currently have been in communications online with a lot of our welding students. Every morning I have been on video conferences with my work colleagues. Its been very interesting and quite surprisingly good fun at times as we all keep up to date with a little humour to help keep a bit of sanity at the same time. One of the biggest positives I have noticed during this pandemic, is that we all have improved our use of apps and general IT skills, especially video calling on platforms like Whats App and Hangouts. These trendy apps and latest technology are actually quite useful at times of need and so far our infrastructures in the UK seem to be holding up well.

As for personnel well being, my family are all doing well and keeping me busy and fully engaged in fatherhood, which I am happy to say is also extremely nice to get in all the special family time which would not normally be possible. I have also had some great fun operating from my Ham Radio Shack.
I was active over the weekend during CQ WPX and made some great DX contacts during the contest. The previous week I was also making lots of DX on 20M, 40M and 80M. The bands have been quite good and plenty of Hams are on the Air. I worked North and South America this evening as I caught a late opening on the 20 meter band. I have been catching some of my radio activity on video to help some of you pass the time and if you haven't already caught them, you can catch up right here.
Best 73 stay safe! Simon.


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