Amateur Satellite Bands

 Its been just over a month since I purchased the COM 232B antenna rotator interface. 

The neat little box sits nicely on my G-5500 control unit and is hooked up to my Windows 10 PC running Orbitron and WiSP DDE tracking software.

The auto tracking of the antenna has made making a contact into the satellites much easier allowing me to focus on the reception and uplink signal out from my FT-847. I am looking at the next step which is configuration of the cat control for auto frequency doppler correction but at first glance its a bit of a faff and is not something I have the time to commit to setting it up properly at the moment. However, I spent a couple of hours last night trying to get it functioning on Orbitron but had no success so far. I more than likely will have to try something else if I want the auto frequency control, possibly GPredict. 

I made a new video of my satellite operation which features CW, SSB and FM communication. Best 73 from the family and myself and we will catch you soon. 

BTW back at work full time. Stay safe everyone!


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