M7ELC Working Satellites and ISS...What's Next?

 Well its been a great couple of weeks and to cap things off we recently had a fantastic Van camping expedition up in Galloway Scotland. M7ELC and myself M0YKS got the chance to use the MM prefix whilst out and about in the DX Machine. 

The band conditions were fair and I worked Puerto Rico and USA as well as into Russia and across Europe. I heard Indonesia and my FT-857 performed well using both Hustler mobile and Maldol mobile antennas.

On our return Elsie M7ELC was straight back in the shack and this time she worked her first Space contact using the ISS repeater which was awesome!

So after a busy week which included getting my FT-817 repaired by a very nice guy called Karl - M0KRL from South Yorkshire. The FT-817 has a new PA output for both HF and VHF after it was blown many moons ago. I will be playing /p out and about and also trying it on the satellites in the coming week. I am pleased to have got it repaired as well as opened up across the full 40m band. 

So like I said a very busy week of holiday family ''Hamily'' fun its back to work in the morning for the final college term leading up to summer. This one is a six week term so I will be off on my travels again in the not so distant future. In the meantime I will be playing Radio which will be along side my new shack partner M7ELC at times lol. Not so much live streams as the return to normal life at the moment is pretty much complete thankfully. I will be making the odd flash stream here and there but mainly having fun on the air with a few video uploads here and there when something interesting is happening that is worth sharing. Enjoy the sunshine, Band openings and plenty of fresh air! Catch up soon folks! 

de M0YKS Simon and Hamily


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