M7ELC Raw Score CQWW 2021


M7ELC - Elsie Operating In Her First CQWW Contest.

This years CQWW managed to get the attention of YL Elsie M7ELC and I had doubts as to if I would be active myself as she took over the shack. Of course I was totally happy that Elsie wanted to make plenty of DX and it was a proud moment watching her in action.

As you can see she did amazing for her first ever contest.

 My efforts were also quite good once M7ELC moved over and I got in the hot seat.

I managed 22 zones this year which is my previous high score from a few years ago. I have yet to beat 22 out of 40 zones but I thought conditions were pretty good with plenty of nice signals and lots of DX.

As usual I had an assistant taking care of tracking the Zones, this year it was my youngest daughter Martha. She probably will be going for a licence herself once she is ready to learn the less fun stuff. In the meantime a great job with the tracking and art work with her CQ WW Zone chart below.

Catch you all again on the next post or better still on the air.... For now stay healthy and have fun best 73 from us all! 

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PE4BAS, Bas said…
Well done you all three. Good score and supporting. I think the CQWW SSB is most enjoyable even if you dislike contests. And it is a great opportunity to work interesting countries you otherwise never hear. Besides the gaming element is of course appealing. However my daughter only has interest in roblox at the moment. I still hope it will change when she gets older. 73, Bas
MØYKS Simon said…
Thanks Bas, it was lots of fun for sure. I was amazed how well Elsie did and she is looking forward to getting a certificate for CQWW. I agree totally regarding this one as a great way to have fun and catch new DX or rare stations. Its a battle of XBOX, PS over Ham radio most times but we won with radio this time lol hope your daughter joins the hobby one day! In the meantime enjoy the rest of the weekend with your fantastic family and almost forgot thanks for the great QSO on 80m during the contest, its always good fun catching up with you on the air as well as here. best 73 and catch up soon. de M0YKS Simon and Family.

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