M7ELC - CQ WW 21 Youth Contest Result First Place In England

Today started well with the awesome news that M7ELC managed a truly great first Contest result. Elsie M7ELC created a new England Record operating on all bands running low power in the Youth category and hit the podium position as Number 1 in England! Go Girl! We are all proud of her great start to her amateur radio participation and lets hope her future experiences on Ham radio continue to develop. Well done Elsie M7ELC England's No 1 Youth on Low Power!

As for myself (Elsie's Dad) I did quite well as usual and came 5th in England as a High Power All Band Classic operator. I did better than usual with the Zones but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Have a fun on the bands! Thanks for passing by. 73.



F4FUL said…
Congratulations to you, and specialy to Elsie!
MØYKS Simon said…
Thank you Cyril I hope Elsie catches you on air soon. I think I heard you on the Satellite band whilst I was building my new antenna last week. Have fun and best 73 to you. De M0YKS Simon and M7ELC Elsie
F4FUL said…
I don't do radio anymore, so it wasn't me on the satellite.
But i planned to do a 4 weeks motorcycle roadtrip in june and july (I'll go Nordkapp), and normally my motorcycle will transmit my position on APRS.
73 to you and familly.

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