M0YKS/M HF operating

As we all now are getting used to being spoiled with regular band openings I have been making the most of my daily commute to work. Most mornings I make at least one QSO whilst mobile on the 20m band. Today was very good as I managed three QSO along the way. The band was very busy with DX and short skip signals coming up and down to the trusty YAESU FT-857. The past months morning mobiling has brought me some good surprises as I keep hearing the west coast of The USA. I managed to bust a pileup into Oregon which I was very pleased with as I ran about 80 watts into the mono band MALDOL HFC 20 antenna which is still effective after over 15 years of daily mobile use. 
Solar cycle 25 is definitely interesting so far, especially early morning mobile, by lunch I have noticed a lull with just a couple of signals and then its back wide open again at my finish time. 
My home-based shack is slightly down on action as the pleasant WX on an evening has caught my attention just lately but it will be business as usual once the cold creeps back again. For now it's good to be operating my Ham station out and about enjoying both good propagation and good long days with occasional sunshine. I hope you are also having a nice mix of what life has to offer. Listen out for M0YKS/mobile at approximately 7.15 utc on the 20m band. 73 good DX
M0YKS/motor cycle 


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