M7ELC and M0YKS CQ WW DX Contest

What a great contest it was! The bands opened up and the DX came through a treat. I worked plenty of stations and although I have done better in the past I did manage to work 18 Zones and 74 Countries over the weekend. My young apprentice M7ELC did an absolute fantastic job and bagged herself 14 Zones and got into China as well as many other exciting DX Countries World wide. The new radio in the shack performed flawlessly and the reception was second to none. My only problem was getting Elsie M7ELC to shift over and let me have a go lol.

This years highlights if you have not seen it already.

CQ WW SSB 2022

Thanks to all involved, our logs have been uploaded and we both had a blast. See everyone in the next DX Contest and also next years CQ WW. 73 Good DX M0YKS and M7ELC


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