ARISS School Contact

Today's ISS activity from OR4ISS on board making contact with a secondary school located in France via ground station ON4ISS.
Reasonable reception at my end with my FT-847 and Innovantenna - loop fed 6 element X YAGI on G-5500 Rotator.

Saint Anatoile secondary school is a French private catholic school located in a rural area in the department of Jura (258,000 population), Burgundy, France Comté region. In conjunction with hosting this ARISS contact, the school has developed a 2-year "ARISS contact" project to provide students a real opportunity to discover and understand an environment that is unknown to most of them. The objectives of the project are to deepen the scientific and linguistic knowledge of the students through workshops, and various STEM projects incorporated in their curriculum. All students participated in the project (about 100 pupils aged 11 to 14)..The workshops covered topics that included: an introduction to amateur radio, Morse code, Q code, radio directional-finding, rules of communicating on amateur satellites (using satellite QO-100), orbital mechanics, wave propagation, and much more.

To find out how your school could participate in a similar radio activity with the International Space Station follow the link -

Today's Questions. 

1. Can the effects of global warming be seen from the Space Station?

2. Does weightlessness change the way you breathe?

3. Do you plant seeds in order to have vegetables and eat them?

4. Do you still have the notion of time inside the ISS?

5. What did you like the most when you first entered the ISS?

6. Why did you want to become an astronaut?

7. How is it possible to sleep in the space station with weightlessness?

8. Have you discovered anything unusual or strange during your last missions?

9. How can the Space Station supply itself with electricity?

10. How do you feel to be one of the few people to go into space?

11. What do you do with your waste?

12. What do you do if someone gets hurt?

13. What is the interest of weightlessness in your research?

14. What constraints do you encounter when you return to Earth in order to regain a normal life?

15. How long is the air reserve of the spacesuits?

16. How do you cook in space?

17. How did you feel during the take-off of the shuttle?

18. Is it hard to walk when you come back on Earth?

19. What is the best activity you have done in space so far?

20. How do you feel weightlessness now, as you are talking to us?


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