Great Week Of DX and Satellite on Ham Radio

This week has been extremely good on 10 Meters FM. I have been working lots North and Central America on FM as well as a nice one into The Western Sahara. The clarity on FM has been superb as I experienced great conditions whilst playing around with my YAESU FTDX101MP. I even got a QSO into Mexico working XE2ARP on 29 MHz FM, Awesome!

The SSB operating has also been great on all of the bands, I heard a station from North America on 80m early morning and 40-10 has been great with signals coming in from Japan, Australia as well as North and South America. 

My Satellite operations this week have been a mixture of FM, SSB and Weather Sat reception. I managed two contacts into Russia via the birds on VHF/UHF. one via RS-44 on SSB and one earlier today on AO-91 on FM.  I also worked Satellite operators from Poland, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. The Dual X Yagi Sat array and  my HF antennas which are the original Cushcraft MA5B,  Hustler 6 band Vertical and Nest dipole have been performing well for me as have the actual radio transceivers  Happy days here in the shack and hoping to work a few of you over the weekend. Enjoy the good propagation as well as your weekend and once again thanks for the visit. 73


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