Amateur Radio Satellite 🛰️

M0YKS Satellite Earth Station 📡
The amateur Radio hobby has so much to offer and can take you to places you cannot ever go to in person. Yes I am referring to space and in particular the International Space Station.
The past couple of weeks have provided some great late evening passes from ISS and I have been making the most of the opportunities. My log is full of ISS, Teval SATs, RS-44 SAT, JO-97 SAT and SO-50 SAT contacts. It's been good and my Earth Station is still working well for me. 
A quick run down of the equipment that I am using:
Rotator - YAESU G-5500
Interface - RS-232 COM-232B 
USB CAT cable x2
Antenna V: 144-146Mhz Innovantenna 5 element X LFA YAGI 
Antenna U: 435-437Mhz 
15 elememt  Oscar 437 SAT X YAGI 
Software - SATpc32
PC Windows 10
I also use Look4Sat on my Tablet 
the satellite band is great fun and the Radio amateurs that you make contact with are really nice people. You get to know a very friendly community of fellow SAT enthusiasts. I hope you can join us for some out of this world Radio. 

For more on Satellite 🛰️ and ISS, have a watch through my satellite playlist that features all my past and current base and portable satellite set ups.


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