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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Japanese to English Radio Talk courtesy of JN4VWH
Anyone Lucky enough to make QSO with Japan may find this useful

English --- [ Japanese ]
Hello [Kon ni chi wa]
Good Morning [O ha yo u go za i ma su]
Good afternoon [Kon ni chi wa]
Good evening [Kon ban wa]
Thank you for your Call
(Thank you [a ri ga to u] )
Your signal is 59
[ si gu na lu wa] five nine [de su]
(signal report) this word is frequently used in japanese
[ si gu na lu re po to wa] five nine [ de su]
2E0HTS this is JN4VWH over.
2E0HTS [ko chi ra wa] JN4VWH [do zo].
Back to you [O ka e si --- si ma su]
Over [do zo]
(Back to you over / [O ka e si --- si ma su] [do zo])
2E0HTS from JN4VWH 73 good-bye over.
2E0HTS [ko chi ra wa] JN4VWH
[Seventy three] [sa yo u na ra do zo].
Roger = receive = understand
[ryo u ka i]
Roger? = OK ?
[ ryo u ka i si ma si ta ka?] or [ ryo u ka i de su ka?]
(yes) Roger (=OK)
[ ryo u ka i si ma si ta] or [ ryo u ka i de su]
How did you copy, (hear me…etc)
[ ryo u ka i de su ka?]
japanese [ ryo u ka i] means, all copy, understanding 100%.
Repeat agin your QTH (your Call sign, your NAME,) please.

Your [ a na ta no] <---it is not necessary always in japanese
Call sign[koh. lu. sa. i. n]
NAME[ na ma e]
Again [ mo u i chi do]
Please [ o ne ga i ---- si ma su]

Repeat again your QTH please.
[ QTH wo, mo u i chi do, o ne ga i si ma su]

Thanks to Nash JN4VWHfor providing this information....
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 2:05 pm  
  • At 3:43 pm, Blogger Nash , JN4VWH said…

    Hello Simon,
    This is JN4VWH, my name is Nash.

    I am very happy, if my notes will be useful for DXers. Thank you, Simon.(^-^)/ 

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