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Friday, August 03, 2007
Quad Band Mobile

Ive been quite busy this week with a lot of driving it worked out well as I got the opportunity of playing radio /mobile, I have the choice of 4 bands with the antenna systems i have installed to my Toyota rav 4.

The picture above shows a Diamond 2m/70cm ANT, a 40m Maldol HFC40, and a 20M Maldol HFC20.

This weeks QSO from the mobile have been made on 20m and 40m, the most of the time I was operating on 40m with some excellent results on my ft100 running 50 watts.
I made contacts with Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Poland all on 40M and from the Mobile. I am once again impressed with the performance of the little Maldol HFC40 like its partner gripped to the back of my tail gate the HFC20, both of these antennas have been in use daily for over 2 years and are still in top shape providing an experience of pure joy and surprise with some of the distant Counties worked.

I have one of the 80m Maldol HFC80 but I haven't managed to make QSO with anyone so I wouldn't recommend that one. The 15 meter comet can be installed quickly replacing one of the others, again this antenna has proved to be a good radiator. The Toyota roof has two large removable roof panels made from aluminium so I wouldn't be surprised if the Aluminium assists with my transmitted Waves helping them to radiate successfully from my Vehicle.

Ive got some Good Mobile touring coming up so I am looking forward to meeting you all on 40M, 20M, 2M & 70CMs whilst I tune around the bands on my journeys :-)

73 thanks for visiting
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 8:57 pm  
  • At 5:23 pm, Blogger Nash , JN4VWH said…

    Hello Simon,
    (kon ni chi wa Simon san.)

    What a wonderful your HF working from your mobile station, Simon. It is great! And it has hit me your HF antennas were working many many years on the mobile station. Because I like "any TOOLs" that give me special benefit when it is difficult to do something by myself. For example, knives,pliers,bicycles,cars and this personal computer, with which I am writing my messege for you.

    Of course, Rigs and Antennas, too.Your comment make me glad and happy, Simon.It is my pleasure!

    So, I will be very happy, I think, when I actually call your 2E0HTS on the HF band with my TOOLs, rig and antenna. Ham Radio, it's wonderful! (^-^)

    2E0HTS, ko chi ra wa JN4VWH from Japan!!!! 73

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