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Saturday, April 26, 2014
A Busy First Week Of Paternity Leave and Lots HAM Radio In Between The Nappies!
I had to carry out a soldering task earlier in the week when I developed a fault with my HEiL GM-5 GOLDLINE studio mic. On inspection I found a wire had parted company with the board located in the head unit. As I disassembled the mic I found that practically all of the soldered wired terminals were not too good and could easily separate as well. 

 After removing the narrow/wide filter switch I re attached the wires using my soldering iron.

 That wasn't so bad! Back together and ready to test back on the FT-1000. Fingers crossed and back in business once again on its lattice tower mount. Yep, all working!

The next day after spending time with my family I was back in the shack with my fully functioning microphone operating the late night DX shift when I got the opportunity to try my antenna's out on Ian VK3MO, located in Melbourne down under!

it was around 11.30 pm local time when I came across Ian - VK3MO who was  in qso with another UK Ham, who I could not copy. Ian was around 5/8 - 5/9 on my S meter and sounded crystal clear as usual. Whilst monitoring Ians qso I was able to carry out a couple of antenna comparison tests between my Carolina Windom, Hustler 6BTV and Cobwebb, all used for the HF bands. It was interesting seeing which antenna was performing best on the short path.  Ians signal strength was well copyable on all 3 but the Cobwebb had the edge which I captured on video.  Check out the video below to see for yourself as I make another quick qso with Ian before he heads off to work. This time conditions were perfect for an armchair copy.

Today we had a visit from Elsie and Martha's Grandparents which was great as it  gave me the opportunity to alter my Hustler 6BTV. This involved a re-site, some nice new shiny stainless steel box section and a couple of extra radials cut for 20m, these were made from copper microbore pipe. Finally, some hammering of a solid steel bar into the ground and the 6BTV never looked so good.  Again I was doing my thing with the camera and caught some shots of my entire  humble ham station antenna array, which was once again exclusively captured and uploaded on video for your pleasure h.i . Check out the video below for a tour around my garden and antennas.

I have still got 6 more working days off with my paternity leave and I am loving every minute, its great been at home with my beautiful family 24/7 and not forgetting my ham station as well! 73 enjoy the bank holiday!

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