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Friday, September 04, 2015
BBC Weather Man - Paul Hudson

This week whilst enjoying a lunchtime snack outside in the fresh air I saw a guy walking by whom I recognised immediately as local BBC weather presenter Paul Hudson.
Paul was just about to be filmed making a new season of Inside Out which will be aired on BBC 1 this coming monday.
I had a sudden burst of excitement when I saw what was going on and of course I told Paul Hudson that I was a follower of the weather not only from the BBC but via NOAA satellites received in real time using my amateur radio equipment.

Here is a screen capture of Paul in action whilst broadcasting from the BBC television centre.

This one features Paul Hudson - BBC Weather Presenter in Keighley West Yorkshire and yours truly Simon Davison M0YKS Amateur Radio Satellite Weather chaser!

Below are a couple of of previously received satellite images from NOAA 19 using my 5 element yagi, satellite controller and FT-847 YAESU transceiver.

Other news. The 20m band has started to show signs of improvement since the recent disturbance caused by a large solar storm as I have managed some nice QSO's from my mobile station whilst carrying out my daily commute. My FT-857 and Maldol Antenna are still doing a terrific job and the reports I have been getting back from many stations have all been positive.  I worked into CYPRUS one evening last week whilst driving home and spoke with 5B station who said I my signal was very strong for a mobile. Yesterday I heard a VK Station booming in 5/9 + but had reached my workplace and was out of time so I had to be happy with hearing him rather than working back to his distant location on this occasion.  As we draw toward Autumn it will be interesting to see what DX will be available both mobile and back in the shack. 73 Happy DXing
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