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Friday, August 31, 2018
YAESU FT-857 Front Panel Repair
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Over the past 12 months the display on my Yaesu FT-857 has developed the "zebra stripes" problem which after looking in to it, this has probably happened because of high temperature from the sunlight entering into my vehicle. The best way to resolve the fault is to install a new board into the front panel which I carried out last night with successful results.

I began by contacting YAESU UK who came straight back with the cost and part numbers which was very reasonable as the total cost for a complete brand new panel and new AF/SQ VR control was under £140. The panel has a screen and selector control so I thought I would renew the AF/SQ control at the same time.
The staff at YAESU UK are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful indeed, I gained a few tips from one of the gentleman at YAESU UK regarding the task I was about to undergo.  The AF/SQ VR required careful soldering as the terminals are very tiny but apart from that the job was not too difficult and I managed to get it done in around about 2 hrs in total.

Image below shows my old panel about to be stripped out

Image below shows the new panel and VR from YAESU UK

After completing the changeover I was pleased to see the problem has now been resolved and the FT-857 is good to go again. So, back in the mobile DX machine working as well as ever! All that remains is......A BIG THANK YOU to all at YAESU UK Sales and Service team.
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