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Monday, November 03, 2008
Visit To The Great Northern Hamfest
Over the weekend we managed to team up with Phil M1PAC and Craig M3CSD and headed off South in Convoy style to The Great Northern Hamfest located in Barnsley South Yorkshire. The drive took just short of an hour and passed by quickly as we enjoyed rag chewing on 2M FM.

On arriving we were joined on the frequency by Mick a local G station who kindly refreshed our memory's of the rally's location and best parking positions, which proved to be very helpful. On entering the rally I began searching the different stalls with the aid of Louise M3TLL and it wasn't long before we both spotted some bargains.

The first of three nice extension speakers I picked up was this heavy little maxon at the cost of £1.00. This had made the trip well worthwhile and is now connected to the FT-847.

I picked up at CAT interface lead for the FT-847, some dipole centre's, Coaxial plugs and some wire type antenna insulators, all in mind for further projects.

As well as grabbing some bargains I bumped into some friends. Here is a regular rag chewer every Sunday evening on sked, Jeff, G0GNU inside the rally.

As I walked around the rally, Steve M1ERS recognised me from the Youtube video's I've made and introduced himself. It was a real pleasure meeting Steve and putting a face to the name I've been seeing on my video comments.

Steve, M1ERS and myself Simon, 2E0HTS at Steve and company's D-STAR Stand inside the rally.

Craig, M3CSD and Phil, M1PAC Carrying new radio goodies.

The Barnsley people were very friendly and helpful, all in all it was a good day out and great to get another excuse to tinker around with the bits and pieces I picked up in Barnsley's Hamfest.
posted by MØYKS - Simon @ 10:18 pm  
  • At 12:01 am, Blogger Louise said…

    ...and when Phil left the rally there was not a single ham radio thing left in Barnsley! M1PAC the shopaholic! :-)

  • At 9:18 am, Blogger Phaze58 said…

    It were just a bit of retail therapy :-)

    Having a rotator now I had to buy a great circle map and then I saw something else ....

  • At 9:59 am, Blogger MØYKS - Simon said…

    I know what its like, but Lou does have a point LOL.

    I am sure we can not help buying these toys, or at least that's my excuse!

    P.S I will need a wide zoom lense shot for all your equipment to fit in it h.i.

    73 Si

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