Working Into FO-118 CAS-5A

Greetings from the shack of M0YKS, I hope the New year has started well for you. I have been active on most bands from 80m through to 70cms. DX on 10m has been awesome so has 12, 15 and the other HF bands, my confirmed DXCC is now at 155 on QRZ using SSB phone mode. Hopefully this year I will improve the logged DXCC but either way I am enjoying the chase. 
I have also been active on the Satellite bands working mostly into Europe on both SSB and the FM birds. 
Today I thought I would have a go at working a reasonably new Satellite CAS 5A also known as FO-118. I haven't quite setup my radio steering software SATpc32 correctly with the Doppler correction known as a Doppler sqf file yet, so I had to manually change the downlink frequency but still managed a few nice QSOs. The new Satellite was built by CAMSAT and has a FM V/u repeater as well as V/u and interestingly a H/u linear transponder on board for amateur radio use. 
If you don't quite understand what it all means this is it: V = VHF, U = UHF and H = HF. So for example in the case of V/u it would mean VHF uplink TX and UHF down link RX. For this Satellite CAS 5A, V/u is 145.925 FM TX and 435.600 FM RX. 
Today's first trial of working the bird proved to be easy enough with a decent signal back down from the bird using the FM repeater. The next thing is to try the linear transponders and maybe operate the H/u mode with a 15m band uplink. That will be something new for me for sure. The V/u SSB transponder should be easy enough to hit and probably will be decent if it is anything like the earlier XW Chinese satellites. Hope to hear you soon from IO93CU. H N Y.


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