EasyPal On 80M

The past few evenings have been quiet up on the usual HF bands so I decided to have have a play around with EasyPal down on 80M. Here are a couple of nice quality images that I received with my FT-1000 transceiver hooked up to my PC.                                        Received by 2E0HTS, transmitted from the amateur station G0MJD                       G0MJD Received by 2E0HTS, transmitted from the amateur station DB2HS I did manage a nice QSO into Jan Mayen earlier tonight when I worked JX9JKA on 40m. Signal reports were up at 5/9 both ways with some strong QSB thrown in! I have worked JX9JKA Svein before up on 20m, I was pleased to catch him this time in a pile up on 40m with my Windom antenna.  73 Happy DX

JA4FHE Via Long Path

I awoke nice and early as usual and came across a big signal on 17m this morning where I managed to work into Iwakuni City, Japan. The 17m band was in good shape as I received a 5/7 report back from Aki - JA4FHE who was 5/9+10 at my end. Once again I made the QSO via the long path using my CobWeb antenna and Ft1000 MKV. It was a pleasure to meet Aki for the first time and I hope to work him again soon hopefully on a different band. 73 happy DX!

Long Path To VK6 Whilst Mobile

Earlier today on my journey to work I found time to scan through the 20M band on my mobile Ham Station where I heard signals coming in well from both Japan and Australia. As usual my trusty FT-100 rig which is still going strong in its 7th year of mobile operation was doing a great job for me. I put just one call back to VK6ANC where I was heard and managed to get a 5/7 signal report via the long path. I was hearing VK6ANC from Perth loud with his excellent station (seen in previous post). His signal was up at a 5/9+10dB in strength at a total distance of  around 15512 miles away from my mobile Toyota FT-100/MALDOL HFC-20 combo. I plan to strip the mono band Maldol antenna and mount over the weekend so I can clean everything up. I am thinking of renewing the grounding strap. The road dirt and grime combined with Yorkshire WX can clog things up and corrode connections. I like to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the continued excellent performance of the little YAESU FT-100 an

CQ WW 2012

As usual I was active throughout the weekend on the HF bands during this years CQ World Wide Contest. I spent some cash on a new alloy pole which I used to raise the height of my Cobb-Webb multi band antenna just in the knick of time. Despite my enthusiasm I did not beat last years result as I ended up working fewer zones than previously, but I still had some great DX even though conditions were not quite as good as last year.  I worked lots of stations from all over using my FT1000MP Mark -V  and Cobwebb antenna. I  kept myself mainly focused on 10 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters with a few qso also made down on 40 & 80 meters. Overall I had a blast! I must have worked the whole of the Caribbean as well as South and North America. My signals were radiating well into Africa, The Middle East and all the way up to Iceland and Greenland. I heard Taiwan very faintly up on 10 meters but did not really experience any reliable openings to Australasia or Asia during this

Satellite To Satellite CAS-2A1 and CAS-2A2

The Chinese Amateur Satellite Group CAMSAT are busy constructing two new birds that will have the potential to establish a radio link during certain orbital positions between the two. This will allow amateur radio communications to be made over a much greater distance. Its exciting news for the many hams that enjoy the challenge of space radio communications which includes myself. I am already getting excited about the possible Space to Earth QSOs that  I maybe able to make! Yep, I am looking forward to the future launch of CAMSAT's CAS-2A1 and CAS-2A2, Good luck to all involved! Both birds will be equipped with linear transponders. For all the latest in much more detail including operating frequencies, check out the AMSAT UK write up here CAS-2A1 and CAS-2A2 linear transponder Amateur Radio Satellites  courtesy of M5AKA.

"Working The Birds"


OD5ZZ - Lebanon On 10 Meters

Earlier this morning I caught a nice opening into Lebanon and managed to work OD5ZZ. I used to work into Lebanon regularly back in the 1980s (CB days). This quick QSO reminded me of my early radio days especially as today I was using my vertical hustler antenna, which is not quite a Sigma IV as used back then. I was pleased with the QSO as you probably can tell in the video clip below. Louise my shack manager caught me working OD5ZZ and did a good job videoing it for anyone wanting to catch the QSO.

Antenna Garden

I thought I would share this mornings breakfast view of my garden and my 3 HF antennas. From the left is my Carolina Windom for 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m & 10m. Next is my Hustler 6BTV, used for 80m 40m, 30m, 20m, 15m & 10m. Finishing off, is my CobWebb for 20m, 17m, 15m,12m & 10m.  That's about it for now, I'm off to enjoy the good WX! Have a good day 73

Summer Break Ends

Well I suppose it had to finally end! I have enjoyed a long Summer holiday with my family despite having unreliable British weather we still made the most of our time and got about all over having lots of fun.... But, its back to work in the morning and the start of a brand new College year so I will certainly be busy. I logged another nice juicy DX station earlier this morning whilst on 20m once again running with my CobWebb antenna. At around 7.21 utc, I made QSO into Australia with Neil - VK2IZI who is located near Sydney. VK2IZI has a very nice antenna system as seen pictured above and his signal was up at 5/9 +10dB to my Ft-1000MKV, I was 5/7 at his end. 73 time for some Z time!

QSL Gallery - Over 200 new cards added.

I managed to finally update 2E0HTS QSL Gallery  by adding over 200 new eQSL cards. Each QSL confirms QSOs made on HF and the VHF/Satellite bands. I shall be adding my Mobile and Portable eQSL cards shortly! Here is a preview of one of my Favorited DX eQSL cards that I received recently from VK7ZX. Check out the rest of the cards to see who and where 2E0HTS has been making radio contacts with. 73

Good Opening To The Northern Corridor Radio Group

Conditions seem quite reasonable this morning here on 20M in not so sunny Yorkshire. Earlier (07.51 utc) I sneaked my call sign in between a mass of stations as I worked VK6ANC - The Northern Corridor Radio Group . VK6ANC was being operated by Andrew during our QSO and was coming in well with a 5/9 +20 signal to my station. I also was doing well with my CobWebb antenna, my report back from Perth, Australia was a solid 5/9 signal. Lets hope the bands hold up for some more nice openings and tasty DX.

Bed Time Stories

I usually spend the last hour of the day unwinding with the sound of HF before hitting the sack. I enjoy listening to the different bands hearing lots of interesting stuff from the comfort of the shack chair, there are some great radio style bed time stories! Last night band conditions were wide open with signals bouncing in loud and clear from all over the place. I heard Australia at 5/9 as well as Argentina, both stations were on 20 meters. The USA were also coming in very well across the 20 meter band right through to 15 meters. As usual I switched between my 6BTV, Windom and CobWebb antennas checking to see which was working the best. The CobWebb seemed to be best last night as I tried it out during a QSO with  VP2EKG - Keith, from Anguilla up on the 17 meter band. I went on to work EK6TA - Hovik, from Armenia also with a big signal up on 17 meters. Yep, I was pleased to be putting out a reasonable footprint created by my little Webb antenna! Before I pulled the plug I wa

Climbing The Ladder

Over the past twelve months I have been carrying out a different job at work which has been temporary for 12 months. Earlier this morning I attended an interview where I competed for a permanent position in teaching. After a good interview and teaching session in front of a panel of managers, I am proud to be able to inform you all that I was successful in obtaining the position of welding and fabrication lecturer. Perhaps some of you regular followers have been wondering what has happened to 2E0HTS due to the lack of posts. I can confirm I have been trying hard to better myself and can now get back into posting more regularly here on my Ham radio blog now that my future is looking good! 73 thanks for passing by.


A very nice start to Saturday, at 0802 utc I worked 5N7M - Ivan operating out of Abuja in Nigeria on 18.145 MHz. Ivan heard me on my first call and we exchanged 5/9 and 5/7 reports. 73 Good DX!

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